Hello! My name is Irene, and I am behind this great little project. Since I was born, I have grown up near the Mediterranean and my life has always been linked to the sea in one way or another. I take many things from the sea... its immensity, its strength, its calm, its purity and above all my main source of inspiration.

I am a lover of nature in all its forms and with a tireless traveling spirit, which has led me to travel alone over 50 countries on 5 continents and has given me the strength to carry out my own projects.

ONA JEWELS was born out of love for the sea, for nature, for freedom, diversity, and for the world around us. For this reason, behind each piece there is its own identity and a unique story.




The first sketches arise while traveling and observing millenary cultures, where jewels are created in a traditional way with a mastery that combines various artistic techniques and an infinity of materials.

Where these ornaments are protagonists and can symbolize belonging, protection or individual expression, among others.

In many countries it is women who create, and shape true works of art, in processes that can last up to months.

That is why our jewelry is made by women, for women, and our entire creative process is based on creating in a conscious and artisanal way.



In our atelier in Barcelona, ​​we sketch and select the materials to be used in each piece, to achieve that unique identity.

From the sketches, and once the pieces to be produced have been selected, a 3D modeling is carried out and to materialize the piece, it is printed in resin.

We place the resin piece in a silicone mold to replicate the piece, which will give rise to the first originals, from which we will make the production mold.

We introduce the metal into the production mold and let it dry. When the metal has solidified, we unmold the pieces, vibrate, clean and polish them by hand one by one.

With the raw pieces already prepared, we bathe them in 999 silver and 24K gold respectively and let them dry. Finally, we manually set the semi-precious stones or crystals, and we apply the enamels or selected fabrics for each model.




We believe that a better world is possible, and that environmental and social responsibility is the way forward.

For this reason, we work with local and national suppliers, and we manufacture 90% of our parts with recycled metal alloys, contributing to the circular economy through the reuse of raw materials.

For the finish of the pieces, the silver and gold that we use are obtained in an ethical and responsible way, and all our suppliers have certificates endorsed by the Spanish Society of Precious Metals.

Finally, for the storage, shipping and presentation of the products we use recyclable and reusable materials, rejecting single-use plastics.

Our goal is to produce timeless and durable jewelry, promoting responsible consumption.



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